Varanasi Chef Association X Uniformiti

Uniformiti is proud to be the uniform partner of the Varanasi Chefs Association.

Varanasi Chefs Association (VCA) is committed to providing a platform for the younger generation of Chefs from Varanasi and across India to connect, learn and grow as professionals. This Association was founded on 05.01.2019 by the visionary Chef and Academician RaviKant Pathak, with Chef Shivam Dixit as Vice-President. VCA has collaborated with the Indian Culinary Forum. The Body of Presidium Cor Chef Chandan, Chef Vikramjit Sonkar and Chef Anshul Bhatia.

VCA connects chefs together to share their pool of knowledge and experience. New and verified job opportunities and references are shared by members.

VARANASI CHEF'S ASSOCIATION is now offering a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for just Rs.2500 (Discounted price Rs. 1700). Members get a Customised UNIFORMITI Chef Coat with their name, VCA logo, and Indian Flags along with a Membership Certificate.

Join us to get LIFETIME access to VCA events, New Job Postings, and Knowledge sharing via social media and various platforms, Networking, Sourcing, Consultation and Guidance from Industry Experts.


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Varanasi Chefs Association Lifetime Membership Fee: Now at a special discounted price of Rs. 1700

Members shall receive a Certificate along with a customised Chef Coat having their Name, VCA logo, and Indian Flags on it.

Please note, Membership approval is subject to payment of fees. VCA core team reserves the right to reject any membership application. Decision of the VCA core team is final and binding.